Monday, 10 December 2007

Let’s have a real boycott for Mugabe in Europe

"James McConalogue, Editor of the European Journal, criticises Gordon Brown for not being serious about boycotting the EU summit.

Gordon Brown’s most recent position toward the EU-Africa summit is yet another example of how impossible it is for Britain to pursue its own foreign policy through the channels of the European Union. Brown has pretended to boycott the EU summit. However, the British Prime Minister can simply not ignore the fact that the presence of Mugabe provides conditions for an official boycott of the summit. He has told the people of Britain that he could not possibly attend the summit – at which Mugabe is expected to attend – but through the backdoor, out goes his diplomatic lackey, Baroness Amos in his place. That is not a boycott in any sense of the word. " See my blog from Saturday on: Conservative Home

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