Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Refusal to Inform Parliament on the Status of EU Treaty negotiations is to Hold Parliament in Contempt

Since the Foreign Office has, so far, refused to release the German Presidency’s draft mandate providing the roadmap for the EU Constitution to the Houses of Parliament, this postponed release must only be taken as a sign of treating Parliament with contempt.

The German Presidency is said to have circulated the 10-page draft mandate relating to the roadmap for the Constitution on the afternoon of Tuesday 19 June. It was then assured – as would be the usual practice – that this would be made available to the UK Parliament. No mandate has been provided by the Foreign Office so far.

Bill Cash MP, Chairman of the European Foundation, said:
“What clearer case is there of Parliament not being informed on the basic progress and details of the EU Treaty negotiations? To not have respected our principled system of Parliament – which should aim to inform Members in a transparent and accountable way – is to hold Parliament in contempt.”

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