Thursday, 21 June 2007

Tony Blair’s U-Turn on EU Charter will Plunge Britain into European Socialism

After Tony Blair’s previous pledge to reject the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the new EU treaty – which will override British employment and social law in key areas – the promise by Margaret Beckett to the House of Commons today to “support a Charter of Fundamental Rights” on the new EU Treaty is a U-Turn that will plunge Britain into European Socialism.

The Foreign Secretary’s other concessions declared to the House of Commons before the EU Summit begins on Thursday, include the support of extended qualified majority voting, an extended EU common foreign and security policy and a new role for the EU President.

Not only must Margaret Beckett veto the proposals for the EU Treaty, but Britain must push for a referendum. The conditions for a referendum on all the existing treaties now clearly exist. And the Labour government has declared its intention to sign up to the Treaty.

Jim McConalogue, Editor of The European Journal, said:
“This is beyond the pale – there needs to be a referendum on the Treaty, to redress the failings of a government that does not seem able to consult with the electorate on an issue of vital national interest. Britain is in urgent need of a referendum simply because over thirty years of public deceit on the European issue do not warrant any further Treaty obligations.”

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