Monday, 19 November 2007

Socialist Miliband Is Off Telling Porkies in Bruges

This is our Foreign Secretary’s best effort in putting forward the case for the UK remaining a member of the EU. What a humiliation. It is just as well he gave the speech in Bruges … We wouldn’t have him on our doorstep.

Following David Miliband’s speech to the College of Europe in Bruges, it must be evident that his foundations for the UK relationship with Europe, pushing for solidarity on climate change & environment, common defence, and the single market, are impractical, ideological, unrealisable and often false aims, which will scupper the hopes, aspirations and economic enterprise of UK citizens and business now and well into 2030.

The Foreign Secretary’s ambitions detailing ‘how the EU can help to shape the world of 2030’ are no more than rhetorical ramblings, since there is no considerable evidence to support such claims. Europe isn’t working. An analysis based on the existing hard facts proves that it is failing. One can only assume that Miliband’s positive case for defence means an Anglo-French push for the common defence plans in the 27 EU bloc will soon be on the agenda.

For Miliband to even suggest that ‘the case against economic protectionism is overwhelming’ whilst actually defending EU regional protectionist policies is double-standards and plainly wrong, especially since he is looking into the long-term. Furthermore, it remains the case that by 2015, the UK exports to other EU Member States will diminish, making the case for a global international trade solution outside of the European Union even greater. The campaign group, Global Vision, have already made clear that in the period 1999-2005, UK exports to countries outside the EU grew on average 44 per cent faster than exports to other EU member states and that on present trends, by 2015, around two-thirds of all British exports will be going outside the EU.

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