Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Ukraine’s election: is it all about the Russians?

In the next edition [November/December] of The European Journal, Carl Thomson argues that the tendency to interpret Ukraine’s current political crisis as a straightforward conflict between those who want the country to be “pro-Western” in outlook, and those who wish it to adopt a “pro-Russian” stance, is overly simplistic. He warns that popular misconceptions about Ukraine are being exploited by politicians in Kiev looking to promote their own interests and by those in Europe and America pushing for conflict with Putin’s Russia as a means of furthering their own ideological and geopolitical agenda.

In Thomson's article, he writes that the Ukraine "will never prosper so long as it is exploited by politicians on all sides of the debate and her people remain unwilling participants in the new great game for influence, resources and expansion between Russia, America and the European Union."

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