Friday, 29 August 2008

Klaus attacks Lisbon treaty again

The Czech president, Václav Klaus, has again attacked the Lisbon treaty. Asked if he would sign the Lisbon treaty if the Polish president decided to sign it, Klaus replied, “The Czech national interests tell me that I should never sign the Lisbon Treaty.” Asked to explain his expression of delight when the treaty was rejected in Ireland, Klaus said, “Such a document [i.e. like Lisbon] is unnecessary for the standard functioning of the EU (including further enlargements) and is detrimental to freedom and democracy in Europe in the future.” Asked what he would put in a new treaty, Klaus replied, “The most important issue would be the return to intergovernmentalism and unanimity of decision-making. The return from “Union” to “Community”.” [Rzeczpospolita, 26 July 2008; see also the web site of the President of the Czech Republic,]

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