Friday, 29 August 2008

Sovereignty: Russia in Georgia and Europe in Ireland

The Editor’s letter to the Belfast Telegraph, Friday 15 August 2008:

The Georgia-Russian conflict mirrors the EU’s overriding of the Irish ‘No’ vote on the Lisbon Treaty — both tensions are reducible to an attack on state sovereignty.

Ireland (with its ignored referendum result) is in the process of becoming to the European Union what Georgia will become to expansionist Russia — a ‘pseudo-sovereign’ subsidiary province absorbed within a larger state.

The crux of diplomatic discussions in the Caucasus conflict will focus on Putin’s advantage — that Europeans have no high horse from which to lecture Russia in respect of sovereign power or its sacrifice. On that point Putin and President Medvedev will be absolutely correct and will have significant negotiating force.
Jim McConalogue, The European Foundation

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David Gerard said...

Don Sarkozy explained, "You must understand. Europe is like a family."