Thursday, 18 September 2008

German army official says his country “at war”

The Chairman of the German Army Association, Bernhard Gertz, has attacked the German government for downplaying the military situation in Afghanistan. He said that his country was “at war against an all too determined, fanatical enemy.” Gertz said that it was wrong for the government to have said that a 29 year old German soldier killed in Afghanistan had “died”. “The truth is that he gave his life for the Federal Republic of Germany”, he said. He said that the language of the press release was obscuring the true nature of the combat.

Germany’s participation in the NATO mission to Afghanistan has always been controversial. Yet the opposition Green Party, which used to be known for its pacifism, continues to support it. A Green politician, Jürgen Trittin, has recently said that he opposes an early withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan in spite of the fact that the situation on the ground is deteriorating there. [Die Welt, 3 September 2008]

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