Friday, 12 September 2008

‘No’ means ‘No’: French lunacy in Brussels is no cure for Irish ‘No’ vote

In response to the discovery of an internal EU briefing paper group written by French European officials, demanding a second referendum in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty, rather than comprehend the original Irish ‘No’ vote, Jim McConalogue of the European Foundation has said:

“The internal EU briefing paper, ‘The Solution to the Irish Problem’ ensuring that Dublin must have a second referendum, is wholly anti-democratic. Whether its contents come to fruition will confirm once and for all, who governs Ireland – the Irish or the European Union?

“How odd it is that the French President wants Europe to assert democracy in Russia yet his countrymen’s own EU officials cannot assert democracy in Europe. Talk about defecating on one's own doorstep.

“The attempts by ‘Le Amis du Traite de Lisbonne’ and EU officials to circumvent the will of the Irish people in ratifying the Lisbon Treaty are proof of the stupendous but forceful idealism in the European Union. There is no democratic method or process which justifies senior European official’s asserting that the EU will instruct a national parliament to hold another referendum until they get their ‘yes’ – as if its rejection by a nation has meant nothing.

“To carry on this manner and without principle is an attack first on the Irish people who said ‘No’ to this Treaty and second it is an assault on the reasoned and right-minded 500 million citizens within the European Union whose national governments must not allow this abuse of democracy to go on.”
“It couldn’t be clearer. This latest development shows the anti-democratic lunacy of EU thinking in bulldozing over the Irish ‘No’ vote. ”

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